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This page informs you of the terms and conditions on which the User can order any of the products supplied by uk-port online shop, which, for the purpose of this document, is referred to as  we”/”us”/ “our shop”. Please read them carefully before you decide to make your purchase. You must understand that by ordering our products you commit yourself to complying with them.

  1. Defining the Groups of Customers
    • A retail customer is a person who buys products supplied by our shop at retail, non- discount prices.
    • A regular customer is a person entitled to purchase our products at a discount price.
  2. Placing an Order.
    • UK-port online shop offers products for retail as well as wholesale purchase through the Internet. You can place your order by simply filling in the order form on our web site and send it to us. This is basically the only way we can accept it. However, in some cases, we can accept your order by phone, prior to e-mail contact. A correctly filled in (and sent to us) order form is absolutely necessary for us to accept your order . Your delivery address must be specified in it.
    • We reserve the right to reject your order when some important information on the form is missing, such as your phone number or e-mail address.
    • Orders, as specified in point 2.1 can be placed 24 hours a day.
  3. The Execution of the Order; Terms of Delivery
    • We start to execute your order:
      • as soon as we receive your payment on our bank account -we accept most major credit or debit cards;
      • in case of cheques- the day after we are able to cash a cheque from you .
    • We would appreciate it if you could notify us beforehand that your cheque is already arriving.
      We deliver the product to the address specified on the order form; the subsequent invoice, which simultaneously constitutes a one-year warranty, will be issued for the same address.
    • The time of dispatch depends on the method of payment chosen by the customer.
    • Deliveries will be completed within four-five working days of receiving your payment. Deliveries abroad (outside the UK) will take up to ten working days.
  4. Methods of Payment You can choose to pay with the following methods of payment:
    • bank money transfer
    • Google Checkout
    • Paypal (including credit cards)
    • cheque
      Note: by using a credit/debit card for this purpose, you simultaneously confirm that the card being used is yours.
  5. Prices.
    • All the prices on our site are quoted in the pound sterling (GBP), the
    • The price of each product remains the same from the moment of placing Polish zloty (PLN) and the euro (EUR). an order and is not subject to any changes till the order is fully completed, even though it may rise or fall on the site during this time.
    • We reserve the right to change the prices of products already under offer, to launch or cancel any sale promotions as well as introduces changes in promotional campaigns already being conducted.
    • You will be informed of any news and updates through our Newsletter sent
    • The prices do not include the costs of delivery
  6. Complaints and refunds (on submitting the actual invoice only)
    • If the product is recognized as faulty on delivery, you should immediately to you via e-mail. contact us and send it back to our address. We deal with every complaint within two working days of its notification. The faulty product will be replaced with a new one, or ,on your wish, you will be given a full refund. We can also suggest other products from our shop for your consideration.
    • We reserve the right to reject your complaint if the fault or damage has been done due to customer’s neglect .
    • We do not refund any costs of shipment connected with the complaint .
    • If the damage to the product has been done during the time of delivery, (not by a customer), we agree to refund the costs of sending the product back to us..
  7. Privacy Policy At uk-port online shop we respect your privacy and commit ourselves to maintaining it.
    •  All the personal data submitted to us during the registration process or while signing a contract or purchasing our product is strictly confidential, and being such will not be disclosed to a third party, in accordance with the British law (Data Protection Act 1998).
    • You, as a customer of the uk-port online shop, have the right to have insight into your data, to correct it and to cancel your consent to use it any time.
    • We collect and store your data for marketing purposes only.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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